District Education Office (SE), Amritsar

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Establishment Branch
This Branch is a part of o/o District Education Office (S.E.) Amritsar. It deals with the Followings :

  1. Posting and transfers, Death priority cases.
  2. Probation and Confirmation cases of all categaries.
  3. ACP cases of Lecturers, Masters, Vocational, C&V, Non teaching staff.
  4. Regularisation of Part time employees.
  5. ACR's of all categaries.
  6. Police verifications.
  7. Permotion cases of all categaries.
  8. Seniority Lists of Part time employee, Non teaching, C&V, Master cader, Principal, Lecturer.
  9. Information regarding long absentees.
  10. Complaints and Inquiries.